1. When inquiring about my order, what information do I need?
    Your name, address and phone number
  2. Do you ship COD?
    NO. To keep the cost of shipping down, we do not ship COD. The weight of products is cost prohibit for the return orders.
  3. Why was my order delivered late?
    Delivery time does not include weekend and holidays. Please contact us by email or phone for a tracer on the missing package. All packages are insured. We will replace any lost or damaged packages. Orders that arrive before noon are shipped the same day if in stock, all others are shipped in 30 days.
  4. I want to return my order.
    Due to the high cost of shipping and PayPal will not refund their fees, "ALL SALES ARE FINIAL" If the order was lost or damaged during shipping, all orders are insured and will be replaced by shipping carriers' rules. Please note all sales are sold "As Is" with no warranty implied or expressed. Any RMA will be subject to 25% restocking fee depending on condition, packaging and missing contents.
  5. I want to cancel my order. If you paid by PayPal you will have to pay the PayPal fees for they will not refund on canceled order. If you paid by credit card through our merchant account and not Paypal, we will refund the full amount, if canceled before it is shipped. Please note (4) "ALL SALES ARE FINIAL".
  6. How was my order shipped and can I get a tracking number?
    Shipping information and tracking number can be obtained by email or your account at www.hunterssupply.com
  7. How long will it take for an order to be delivered to a foreign country?
    Once orders are placed on our site, they are processed for shipment in a timely manner for our customers. Shipping time varies by country. Please inquire by email. We now have an international dealer at www.Krale-schietsport.nl that carry our bullets for faster service. All PCP Air Rifles are shipped by ground service only. 
  8. How can I be sure my order, as a gift, will not be discovered by email confirmation?
    Email confirmation is sent to the email you setup so you may track your order.
  9. Can I place an order via emails?
    Email is not considered secure. You may order by email but we do not guarantee the safety of any information sent. Our Internet Site is secure, protecting your privacy, receiving your order.
  10. We are putting on a benefit raffle. Will Hunters Supply donate?
    Thank you for visiting our web site and considering us as a potential supporter of your organization. Please forward your written request by email or mail to:

    Please provide the following details:

    Name of Organization
    Type of event
    Date of event
    Contact person within your organization
    Daytime phone and or fax
    Additional information you think we should have for us to review.
  11. Will you put a link on your site to us?
    We appreciate you thinking of Hunters Supply with regards to business opportunities. We offer to exchange links to our web site. Please send your web address and your URL showing the exchange link information for our web technician.
  12. Can I use my gift certificate for online ordering?
    Our site accepts credit card orders and Gift Certificates. To redeem your certificates, you can mail or place the code online to complete your gift certificate with your order. We do not replace or refund certificates lost or damaged in transit.
  13. Why do you not sell to my local store?
    Thank you for expressing interest in Hunters Supply show room growth. Hunters Supply is only a manufacturer of lead bullets. We understand that the shipping is high on small orders. Our volume program is avalible for dealers and we are always looking for more dealers to carry our products. Please let your local dealers know you are interested in our products, this way they will know what you want and can help to fill your needs or submit their information and we can contact them for you.
  14. What is the Ballistic of your bullets? For Ballistic Coefficient Calculator try GunData.org.
  15. Do you have reloading data for your bullets? Reloading data is provided by the Powder companies for insurance purposes. Please check our links pages for more data.
  16. What is the Brinell Hardness of your bullets?
    1. The New Slick Coat brinell hardness is 22. This protects the hands and barrels for lead exposue. Stopped fowling with the slinecers from lead build up. Has stopped the LSS and SS Big Bore Airguns from lead build up.
    2. Big bore airgun alloy is 10. This has no antimony for hardness by the Airgun industry requirements. Certified 95% pure clean lead and 5% tin from the foundry. This allows it hold its shape and mushroom properly at the slower velocities of Airguns. We use a clear dry lube for the extreme cold air that airgun product for our pellets/bullets/slugs that will not dry out the rings or clog the barrels of PCP Airguns. We offer Slick Coat for Airguns to stop the fowling of the softer lead.
  17. How fast can I shoot the "Slick Coat" bullets? Have been tested in rifles up to 2400 FPS with great results, so far!
  18. Do the bullets smoke when being fired? No! We have noticed a dramatic reduction in smoke since there is no wax used.
  19. Can I shoot these in a polygonal rifle barrel? Yes! The "Slick Coat" works better than the Jacket or Plated bullets at a better price.
  20. Do I need a gas check? No! "Slick Coat" is very durable with the many powders and has withstand high pressures with compromising perfomance.
  21. Do I need to apply a wax lube before reloading them? No! Nothing else is required.
  22. Are the "Slick Coat" legal for SASS, aka Couwboy Action Shooting? Yes! From the SASS Shooters Handbook, Version 21.6, Page 12 - Revolver and rifle ammunition may NOT be jacketed, semi-jacketed, plated, gas checked or copper washed.  It must be all lead.  Moly disulfide, POLYMER COATED bullets or equivalent ARE acceptable. Reference:  http://www.sassnet.com/Shooters-Handbook-001A.php
  23. Can I shoot Steel Target with "Slick Coat" bullets? Yes! They are safer than plated for they have less bounce back effect.
  24. Does Cast Lead Products contain Lead. YES! under the California Proposition 65 Compliance requirement. Lead is a chemical known to the state of California to cause cancer and other birth defects (or other reproductive harm). Always were safety glasses when handling. Have adequate ventilation at all times. Clean your hands thoroughly after exposure. Do not inhale dust from the Lead or put in your mouth.
  25. What is the Nonlead law for ammunition in California? California has exempt for Air pellet rifles since they are not firearms, the use of lead projectiles in pellet rifles is not prohibited. California Laws.
  26. KEY for description for bullets; FP = Flat Point, RN = Round Nose, FN = Flat Nose, HP = Hollow Point, PHP = Pentagon Hollow Point, SWC = Semi-Wade Cutter, WC= Wade Cutter, SP = Spiral Point, GC = Gas Check, BT = Boat Tail. All prices are subject to change without notice. Not liable for typographical errors.