Air .454 45 Cal, 200 gr PHP

Hunters Supply 45 Caliber 200 grain Pentagon Hollow Point Lead Bullet

Diameter available in .454 or .452

Over All Length .532

Ballistic Coefficient .150

Sectional Density .139

Tested with Hatsan Pile Driver 457, 1068 velocity, 507 bullet kinetic energy (ft.lbf) 300 bar = 4351 PSI fill.

Customer, David H. states this works in his Hatsan Hercules 45 Cal Air Rifle, fits the magazine and shoots excellent.

Tested with the Airforce Airgun 457 Texan Rifle 956 velocity, 406 bullet kinetic energy (ft.lbf).

Meets Texas requirments of 215 ft.lbf of energy for game hunting.

Design for expansion. Excellent for target, varmint and medium game.

Made in USA.

box of 100 $36.00

box of 250 $71.00

box of 500 $91.00

Available Options:

Diameter Selection:

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