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 PayPal is now calling these legal products:

"Prohibited accessories of Firearms or Ammunition"

Why are financial institute dictating legal sales?

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New for 2024

270 Caliber, 123 grain SP

7 Mag 151 grain FP

338 Caliber, 205 grain FP

416 Caliber, 350 grain FP

Worlds largest Manufacturer for 348 Caliber Bullets

190, 207, 250, and 300 grain


World record longest 30 Caliber Airgun

David Williams, founder of Hunters Supply has set a new world record with a Air Force .308 Texan Airgun. This fabulous achievement was made possible with the Texan tuning and the Big Bore Airgun Pellet .308 30 Caliber 154 grain Spire Point by Hunters Supply. The target is 22 inches, the distance is 1107 yards at Hunter Supply 1200+ shooting range in New Mexico

Air Force .308 Texan Airgun


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