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Reloading Web Sites

Reloading Data Hodgdon Powder Company
Midway USA Reloading Supplies
Starline handgun brass

Ammunition Web Sites

Buffalo Bore Ammunition by Tim Sundles

Gun Web Sites

Cold Bore Custom by Lane Owens

Air Gun Web Sites

Bigbore Airguns with 510 grain Hunters Supply bullets in action
Airforce Airguns by Precharged Air Rifles.
Air Hog tanks and Professional Big Bore Air Guns
Professional Big Bore Air Guns
INTERNATIONAL CONTACT Krale Schietsport +31 522 465535
New exciting Benjamin Rouge .357 - Night Vision set up on you tube with Hunters Supply 190 grain bullets on pig hunts by Ian Harford by Team Wild Hunting with Joshua White of L3 Outdoors Hog.

Other Web Sites

Airgun Hobbyist Magazine by Tim Smith
The Gear Hunting 
US-Shooter Top Cast Bullet Company Review and News.
US-Shooter Reviews and News.
Pokadot Creations